Summer 2013 !

Summer 2013 has been so good to me so far. The highlight…*my internship* ! This summer I have had the wonderful opportunity of interning at one of Hawaii’s largest architecture firms. I spend most of my time sitting in a gorgeous historic building downtown built by H.L. Kerr (the style of the building combines Beaux-Arts elements with a Richardsonian Romanesque treatment of masonry), working and gaining experience with architects, designers, and planners in a professional setting, learning more about the local style many have deemed as “kama’aina architecture”, and going on my very first site visits and punchlists!
Today at my internship, two of the partners took the summer interns on a site visit and snorkeling tour to the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve to learn about one of Hawaii’s most spectacular natural resources and the protection and preservation efforts that were completed by my firm (construction of the new information center + master planning of the site). Picture below.

7/17 Site Visit & Snorkeling Tour

7/17 Site Visit & Snorkeling Tour

Other than that, I’m trying to enjoy what’s left of summer by soaking up all the sun I can get and eating all of my favorite foods before I head back up to my very last fall (foggy) semester in San Francisco. Cheers to senior year!

Graduation, Oh So Close!

In just 19 LONG DAYS I will be a college graduate. I will be walking out of St Ignatius church with honors and a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. I can’t believe it’s almost here and looking back on my college experience, it feels like it all just happened yesterday.I’m so thankful for all the friends I have made, the people I have met, the experiences I’ve had, and education I have received. For me graduation will be bitter sweet, but once I graduate, I am going to feel like this!



#youSF Scavenger Hunt!

Hello students! First off, we would like to congratulate you on being admitted to USF, and secondly, we are happy to say you are participants of the very first #youSF scavenger hunt. Through this scavenger hunt you will get a “lay of the land” of USF, have some funny photos to keep for the scrap books, and you’ll be tweeting your experiences all along the way. Each team will have a University Ambassador or current USF student to help direct you throughout the scavenger hunt.  Listed below are the different buildings around campus you will scavenge to complete the tasks we laid out. As you find and complete each task we highly encourage tweeting @youSFca with photos or other proof of completing the tasks. The ambassadors and admission counselors will be checking out the twitter feed throughout the day so don’t be afraid to get your tweet game on! Keep your phone close to you as well, because during the scavenger hunt we will be tweeting out bonus tasks to complete! Lastly when tweeting at @youSFca, please hashtag  #youSF and we will be giving out bonus points for creative hash tags associated with each completed task!

Here is the list! You don’t have to complete every task, but the more you complete as a team, the more points you will get. Remember creativity is highly encouraged, and most of all, make sure you have fun!



–          Get a picture with a Librarian

–          Find a book about USF

–          Get a picture with the wolves and kettle

–          Find the rare book room

–          Find the Student disability office

The UC

–          Picture of you lounging by the fire in the atrium

–          FIND CASA! And figure out what CASA does

–          Locate the public safety office

–          Warm up your vocals in the music practice room (video or photo)

–          Get a picture with a student wearing Giants or 49ers gear (anywhere)


Kalmanovitz Hall

–          Find a way to the skyboxes without using the elevators

–          Find the rooftop sculpture terrace

–          Picture or video acting out a scene of your choice in the amphitheater

–          Locate the arch of knowledge

Cowell Hall

–         Locate KUSF and get a shout out

–         Locate the Nursing Practice Lab

St Ignatius

–          Locate and take a picture with the statue of St Ignatius

  • Bonus if you find out why the statue is that “tall”

–          Locate and take a photo of the only chapel not dedicated to Jesuit

Education Building

–          Find the Café inside

–          Find the newly designed hospital wing of the building

Lone Mountain

–          How many steps lead up to Lone Mountain?

–          Find the USF tennis courts

–          Locate the One Card Office

–          Take a picture in “Jail” at Rossi Wing

–          Find the “Harry Potter Room” (Del Santo Reading Room)

Good luck completing the tasks and remember tweet @youSFca

Honolulu Reception Welcomes Future Dons!

Last week Wednesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend Easter Weekend at home in Hawaii. I was able to welcome and share some of my own experiences with the 80 admitted students that showed up to the Honolulu reception. I could easily relate to these high school seniors as they were in the same situation I was three years ago, unsure of where I would spend the next semester. The ballroom at the Hawaii Prince Hotel was so packed, more chairs and tables needed to be set up. The deadline to make your final decision is May 1st!  WELCOME TO THE HILLTOP, FUTURE DONS! Honolulu Reception


Woah! The Admitted Student Visit Program last Saturday was crazy! Let it be known that I mean crazy good! I had a blast meeting so many prospective students! Seeing so many possible future dons was fantastic, and the turn out was phenomenal! Roughly around twelve to thirteen hundred people. Here is a birds eye view the program which was held in War Memorial

My March Madness

Our application review process is finally wrapping up.

This is a good thing.

We have been freed from the trials of spending over eight hours a day at our computer screens reading letters of recommendation, recalculating GPAs, and issuing decisions.  My grand total?  1,396 applications.  The number makes my head spin, and my eyes wince with pain as the discomfort that arises from reading at that volume is still fresh in my memory.  And to understand the impact that reviewing 1,396 applications has on other aspects of one’s life, say, for example, keeping a tidy office, simply see the picture below.

Has anyone seen my calculator?

Has anyone seen my calculator?

But messy offices amongst the admission staff do not alone define the month of March at USF.  Buzz about the new Pope, spring break, and a reasonable amount of sunshine have also been recurring themes here on the Hilltop.

Working hard, playing hard, and taking in the scenery as we do both.



Working Hard Gets You a Pretty Piece of Paper

Work hard at USF and you get one of these pretty pieces of paper!



However seriously, I have been on the Dean’s List for three semesters now and it comes from hard work and amazing professors. Having the ability to talk personally with my professors, ask questions in/out of the class, and break down complex idea’s in class has allowed me to get me here. Thank you USF for an amazing education, and I hope to graduate with honors! Just a month and a half left of school to finish out strong!


Color Outside the Lines

Just wanted to share a quick post. I participated in the 5k Fun Run Color Run this past Saturday and it was an amazing time! I had a blast, and to me really embodied the color and craziness of San Francisco. The Color Run is happening all over the country so I’d check it out and sign up if it’s in your city!

Here is a before and after picture of my friend and I