Lauren Soares: 2013 1st Place Winner

Last, but certainly not least, meet the second of two first place winners, Lauren Soares.


Lauren Soares

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Lauren Soares adds the element of spoken word to the winning contest video of 2013.

Lauren Soares describes herself as an artist, creator, and expresser. Interested in many kinds of mediums, she enjoys visual arts, performing arts, and writing.  Soares has been involved in spoken word since joining USF poetry club WORD! during her freshman year, and she is now the Co-Director of the very same group.

The poet only recently developed an interest in film. As a Fine Arts major, Lauren focuses on painting, sculpture, and the like.  Grateful to be friends with contest submission partner Lucas Waldron, a connoisseur of film, Soares has learned a lot from this process and is currently producing her own short film for the Senior Art Show.

1st Place “Welcome to the Best City Ever” by Lucas Waldron and Lauren Soares 

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The inception of the film “University of the Best City Ever” began with a simple suggestion. “Lucas came up to me and said, ‘Hey, I want to make a video for the contest, do you want to write a poem?’”, Lauren explains. “He told me of his vision of the bike as an integral image.  As an avid biker and poetry lover, I was psyched to be involved.”

Lauren Soares find inspiration in going out into the city.

Lauren Soares find inspiration in going out into the city.

In creating the poem featured in the film, Lauren started with the line “Welcome to the best city ever.”  She said it over and over – on my bike, on the bus, at work – until the lines began to flow, one after another.  “I began to live and breathe the poem”, Soares says.  “I let it come to me naturally, but I also spent a good deal of time thinking about the content.  I had big hopes that this short poem could reflect a great deal about our beloved city.”

“I was in love: with the parks, the people, and USF’s mission: Change the World from Here.”

Lauren was drawn to USF because of the city and its values. Originally from a small town in Vermont, Soares applied to USF on a whim, inspired by a friend who had made the move.  Successfully gaining admission to her top three schools throughout the US, Lauren could not help herself once she visited the city by the bay.  “I was in love: with the parks, the people, and USF’s mission: Change the World from Here.”

The friendly people and good vibes of San Franciscans captured Lauren’s attention.  “You smile, they smile back.  We aren’t afraid to show our true colors.”  Soares values the opportunity San Francisco offers her to be true to herself and those around her.

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2 Responses to Lauren Soares: 2013 1st Place Winner

  1. Laura says:

    Congrats! The poem and film really reflected the vibe of the city.

  2. Jane says:

    Talented doesn’t even begin to describe you! Lucas film was really well done, my friends commented about how he panned the video. Your words were simple yet really gave you flavor of the city. Congratulations.

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