Carlos Andina and Gabrielle Hurtelle: 2013 2nd Place Winners

We are pleased to present to you one of our second place video contest winners for 2013, Carlos Andina and Gabrielle Hurtelle, co-creators of “In the Center of it All”.

Carlos Andina

carlosandinaA guy with a broad range of interests, Carlos Andina is currently trying to narrow his passions down to a more manageable level. Andina was born in the U.S., lived in Spain until the age of 5, and then spent most of his life in the Chicago area until I came out to USF for college. Some of his favorite things include hiking in the great outdoors, playing guitar, building ornate forts with the kids he babysits, participating in intramural dodgeball, and travelling spontaneously.

Andina came to USF to discover a different part of the country, to experience life in the city, and to live close to a diverse range of opportunities. “I’d always heard good things about San Francisco, and I’d read a lot about the counterculture movements in the 60s and 70s when I was younger” explains Carlos. “It seemed like a cool place to be.”

“I always loved making movies for school projects, and I enjoy making things and being creative” says Carlos. In order to practice filmmaking on a more serious level, Carlos sold an iPad he won through a USF survey contests and used the money to finally buy his own camera.

When filming his contest submission “In the Center of it All”, Carlos and his film team “wanted to show off the University’s role in planting students in the middle of the city, and giving us the opportunities to explore so much here.” They also hoped to illustrate the idea that every student has a different experience at USF and the way the university provides an opportunity for students to share those experiences.

2nd Place “In the Center of it All” by Carlos Andina and Gabrielle Hurtelle

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In addition, an interesting family history drew Carlos  to California and the city of San Francisco. Andina’s Great-Great Grandmother traveled to the U.S., journeyed to San Francisco on a wagon, and gave birth to his Great Grandmother before moving back to Spain. An exchange student from Spain, Carlos’s father fulfilled his senior year of high school in Pittsburg, CA.

The myriad options the city offers to fill free time is among Carlos’s favorite things about being at USF. Additionally, Carlos enjoys the proximity of both an urban and natural settings. The people that populate this city by the bay inspire the young filmmaker. “I like the weirdos”, Andina says. “It’s a fascinating city, and I love exploring all the things people do here.”

Gabrielle Hurtelle

Gabrielle HurtelleGabrielle comes from France, her family currently living near Paris. A third year student, she hopes to obtain her Master’s degree in 2015. Although Gabrielle is majoring in Business Administration, she has a very strong interest in Advertising and would like to pursue a career in that field. She was studying at USF for this year as an exchange student, with plans to study in France in the Fall and Shanghai next Spring.

“Growing up, my dream was to speak English and to live in the US,” Gabrielle explains. This year, her dream came true when her school in France gave her the unique chance to go abroad to a partner university. Hurtelle chose USF mainly because of its location and the reputation of USF’s School of Management.

“I saw the video contest as an opportunity to express how much I love the city of San Francisco.”

Co-creator Carlos Andina introduced Gabrielle to the idea of entering the video contest. While Hurtelle has not had much experience with video production, she saw the contest as an opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade as well as to apply her interest in advertising. Gabrielle is inspired to continue filmmaking in the future. “This experience was so interesting that I would like to try producing my own video clips in the future,” says Gabrielle, “for academic or personal projects.”

Hurtelle saw the contest opportunity as more than another advertisement for USF. “I saw the video contest as an opportunity to express how much I love the city of San Francisco.”After living in the city by the bay for only one year, this place feels like a second home for Gabrielle. Carlos and Gabrielle’s approach was to use a simple storyline and to focus on finding unique and picturesque spots around the city.

San Francisco has left an impression upon Gabrielle. The atmosphere, people, diversity, weather, beautiful houses, ocean, the respect for the environment, the fact that the city never sleeps are some of her favorite things about San Francisco. “There are always thousands of things going on in the city.”

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  1. Carlos M. Andina says:

    Great job! Loved it! :)

  2. thank you! I was like, good luck

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