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Student Computing GuideOver the years, many students have felt lost when trying to familiarize themselves with the USF website. “I have no idea what I’m doing,” is a phrase heard often amongst new students when browsing through USF’s site. Well, students, the good people at ITS have heard you and have put together a guide that will relieve all of your stresses.

The Student Computing Guide was created as a convenience for students who have trouble utilizing the ITS website. The Student Computing Guide addresses basic policies, needs, and questions that many students may have. Maintained and managed by Nikki Williams, the director of Client Support Services, the guide is regularly updated to make certain that it continues to address students’ needs and answers all major questions that you may have.

One of the ways that Nikki has adapted to students’ needs is through the use of analyzing questions and service tickets. If there is a large number of students requesting a specific service, she finds a way to offer a quick response to this through the Student Computing Guide by creating a page for that specific request.

Above all, the guide is meant to be a resource for students, and Nikki feels that students can be a part of the solution. It is very important that ITS meet the needs of our students and provide useful and current information. “I believe the best way to know what our students need is to ask. I look forward to feedback and collaboration,” she said. So, students, check out the Student Computing Guide, and let your voice be heard by giving feedback in order to make things a little easier for you. Send your comments and suggestions to nmwright@usfca.edu.

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