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Mobile SecuritySecurity of mobile devices is an increasing concern as we are in the midst of a major shift away from desktop and laptop computers. Increasingly, people are using smartphones, tablets, and other portable gadgets and expecting to use them everywhere. As a result, professional hackers have also adapted by shifting their focus towards mobile devices.

There are various ways to keep your mobile experience safe and secure. Aside from maintaining patches, updating to the newest versions of software is a great way to keep your devices from being tapped into. Additionally, software updates fix more than meets the eye. While the average user believes that companies offer updates only for the purpose of offering new features, they are not aware that updates often simultaneously beef up security by fixing their previous bugs and blocking entry to malicious hackers.

The latest Mavericks Mac OS update is free, so regardless of whether you have an iPhone or MacBook Pro, it is essential that you update to the latest software in order to have your security up to par. Android updates are also free, so take advantage of the new features while also improving your mobile security.

Walter Petruska, USF’s Information Security Officer, suggested his own personal security tips. He advised that mobile users download the application ‘Lookout.’ “This application warns you about privacy settings when you browse websites or install applications.” Additionally, he explained, “Lookout, or applications with the same purpose, can also notify you when your software is outdated. It also alerts you to failed login attempts, snapping and emailing you a photo of the person  attempting to access your mobile.”   Reliable applications such as Lookout can be essential to providing a safe and secure experience on your mobile phones and other gadgets. And lastly, don’t forget to use a screen lock password and code, and don’t share your security codes and passwords with others.

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