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Students in Parina LoungeFor the past few years USF campus-goers have witnessed the campus transform while under construction. Arguably one of the most significant developments for students has been the renovation of the Parina Computer Lab, which has become a popular location for students to meet up or study in between classes. Located on the third floor of the University Center (UC), just one floor above the USF cafeteria, Parina Lab now offers not only a convenient spot to eat, study, and relax while on campus, but it also offers a wide array of technology that students can take advantage of.

Installed along the walls of the computer lab are a dozen Mac Minis, allowing students to quickly print documents while on the go. Additionally, upgrades to the lab’s printers have been made so that students can print from virtually anywhere on campus. Parina is now home to two large Pharos printers that offer wireless printing capabilities, meaning that students may even print from a laptop.

Also in Parina Lab are eight PC desktop computers available for students who wish to use computers for an extended amount of time. The Breakout Rooms in Parina Lab have been a great success thus far, as students are able to use the four available rooms to study in a group setting without outside disturbances. These rooms, which are separated by heavy-duty sliding glass doors, contain Mac Mini’s connected to a 46” screen, as well as cable connections for both PC and Mac devices, simplifying the process of connecting personal laptops to a larger screen. The four large HD televisions available in these four rooms in addition to the two other HD televisions surrounded by comfortable sofa chairs in the main room of the lab give students to the ability to hook up their game consoles in Parina. Movie nights are another option for leisure, as the televisions host HDMI and VGA capabilities for a higher picture quality.

Parina Lounge Meeting Spaces

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