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MS Office LogoAs USF-owned computers are upgraded to Microsoft Office 2013, we’ve come up with a review of some of the most important new features and security information to help you get the most out of your updated Microsoft Office experience.

Microsoft has brought about various improvements with the Office 13 upgrade. The appearance has been updated to a modern interface along with a new set of start screens. More importantly, users now have the ability to work on Office documents from their computers, tablets, and mobile devices. By using the online SkyDrive, users are able to log in to Office from just about anywhere, allowing them reopen and continue working on their documents from other devices or while on the go. You can also save and open files from DonsApps Drive by installing Google Drive for PC or Mac.

Microsoft also provides Mac iOS and Android versions of Office for use on mobile devices. And Office 2013 supports touch screen use for those with Windows 8.

Office also offers additional updates and features that can help ease the stress of creating and editing a document. It now offers Word PDF editing, meaning that users are now able to edit PDF documents using Word. In PowerPoint, the formatting task pane has some new and improved options that have simplified the process of creating a presentation. Excel has had a makeover, and it is most noticeable in the new charting system, which has a very simplified and cool look. Office 2013 also offers many more graphic options, from Word Art to graphs and fonts. In addition to all of these features, the spell checker has been revised and there are a number of new templates.

In terms of security and protection, Office 2013 has new controls that allow better management of tasks and space. New group policies have also been inputted to offer a more granular management of user and security settings.

With Microsoft Office 2013, users gain access to the many benefits of the new system. This system ensures continued compatibility and security for all Microsoft users, including the students, faculty and staff of USF.

Ken Yoshioka of the Center for Instruction and Technology put together training materials regarding Office 2013. If you have any more questions about how the Microsoft Office upgrade can help you, browse to http://www.usfca.edu/its/learning/cit/officeupgrade/. Click here for a transition brochure.

We are currently at the halfway point in our deployment of Microsoft Office 2013 to the USF community.  Please contact ITS Help Desk if you want Office 2013 sooner, or if you prefer to opt-out of the Office 2013 upgrade and remain on Office 2010.

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