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Unbeknownst  to many people in the USF community, ITS offers many discounts to students and faculty on various PC and Apple software products.  Through the USF eStore (estore.usfca.edu), discounts are available on over 190 tech-related products. Walter Petruska, USF’s Information Security Officer, states  the eStore offers “The products that are most useful for students because they either need [this product] for a course, they have asked for it, or the faculty has requested its availability for the student.” Microsoft Office365, Adobe Creative Cloud, VMware Fusion, and Parallels are just a few of the many products that have been made available for free or  greatly discounted purchases.

The eStore offers two different software programs — Dreamspark and Personal Software Purchases. Every item listed on the DreamSpark page is a Microsoft-based program, and is offered free exclusively to students and faculty. Personal Software Purchases offers great discounts on Adobe and various other tech-related goods for students, faculty, and staff.

Access to DreamSpark and Personal Software Purchases takes just a few simple steps.

  1. Log into USF Connect
  2. Access your Student or Employee tab
  3. Once you reach that page, the links for both DreamSpark and Personal Software Purchase will be visible on the left side of page for easy access

DreamsparkEach DreamSpark purchase comes with two copies of the software products, allowing users to install their new software to more than one computer or device. However, it is very important when purchasing items from the eStore that you keep in mind the End User License Agreement, which states that the items being purchased not be resold or used to make money.

Petruska also made a point to remind students to take advantage of these discounts before they graduate. “Many times, USF alumni realize that they need one of the products that we have available through the eStore, but unfortunately, they are no longer eligible for the discount.”

Also on the eStore page you can find links to Student Computer Purchase discounts on Apple and Lenovo computers, USF Perks discounts on a variety of products for Faculty and Staff, free credit reports, free antivirus protection for your personal computer, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Access USF’s eStore today for some amazing discounts that you can’t ignore!

3 Responses to “Get free and discounted software though the USF eStore”

  1. Mathew says:

    How can one tell which items at Dreamspark work on a Mac? This is virtually impossible to tell right now. Since a big percentage of users have Macs, currently Dreamspark seems either pretty useless (if only Windows) or massively disorganized.

  2. Jim Uomini says:

    Response from the eStore administrator:
    DreamSpark is for Microsoft products, not for Apple products.
    Apple does not provide any free software.
    The Personal Software Purchase site offers a Mac product for Microsoft Office. There are also VMware, SPSS, Sophos as well as Identity Finder products available from the that and the e-estore page.
    If you’re looking for Apple products you should go to the Apple online store page, not the Microsoft DreamSpark site.

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