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Wireless SymbolDo you have to constantly log into the USF wireless network on your phone over and over again? Are you tired of inputting the same username and password day after day to access the online network? Well, have no fear  – there is a very simple solution to this!

Instead of taking your devices all the way to Lone Mountain to wait in line for ITS Help to authenticate your device, you now have the ability to take care of this all by yourself, and all you need is a computer. With the new Self-Service NAC Filter Request, you can submit a request to the Help Desk to allow your device(s) to connect to the network without the need to constantly sign in–it only takes 5 minutes!  Just follow the steps below. For now you need to submit your request from a desktop, laptop, or iPad.

  1. Visit nacfilter.usfca.edu
    • You may need to log in to USF Connect before it connects you to this page
  2. Fill out the form, but don’t submit it just yet!
  3. Find the Mac address of the device you would like to have modified (mobile phone/tablet/gaming console)
    • Can’t find it? Simply Google the name of the specific device along with the words “mac address.” For example, “iphone 5 mac address.”
  4. Take a screenshot of the device’s Mac address
  5. Attach the screenshot of the device’s Mac address to your completed form
  6. Submit this information to the ITS Help Desk
  7. Fill out a separate request for each mobile device or game console

You’ll receive a confirmation email from the Help Desk when the filter has been created.

If you’d like more information on how we protect our ResHall and wireless networks, please visit our Network Access Control page.

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