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Who likes to shop online?! Like really — it’s perfect — you don’t have to shuffle through messy piles of clothes or deal with shoppers crowding you. You can do it in your pajamas and at three in the morning while you’re procrastinating (not that I approve of that — but I really do…), so it’s basically all around awesome. BUT, there’s one thing that you really have to watch out for when spending your entire paycheck in one go: security.

You’re literally putting your credit card information on the Internet, and I don’t need to tell you how badly that could end. (AKA someone can steal that information and spend your money.) So what should you do to prevent this? Microsoft has an online privacy webpage that you can look at to learn how to protect yourself: http://tinyurl.com/9afs3f5.

In my opinion, the easiest tip to follow is the one that tells you to check that the website you enter your credit card information on is secure. The address should begin with “https:” instead of just “http:” on a secure site. So basically, when you’re putting in your credit card information, make sure that the website starts with “https:” rather than “http:”. Not all pages on a website will necessarily be secure, so you may see a mix of http and https. So when you’re shopping and actually browsing for your new spring dresses, the “s” isn’t always necessary. But when you’re putting in your credit card information, always look for the “s”!



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