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You know what would be really sad? Not taking advantage of something that will cost you about $40 a month after you graduate, but is free to you right now as a student. Students, faculty, and staff can use Lynda.com for free. And getting a membership after you graduate will cost you about $40.

Lynda.com is a technical training website where you can watch tutorials on a broad range of topics, from how to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Video Editing, Screenwriting Fundamentals, to much more. The levels also range from basic to advanced. Completing a tutorial can also be a great addition to your resume. (You can work towards earning a certificate upon completion.) Plus, you can never know enough about technology in today’s digital world.

As the advanced courses can be hours long (don’t worry, some are short), Lynda has a tab named “My Courses,” which tracks your progress. You can also bookmark, save, rewind, or pause, in order to return to your favorite tutorials.

To find Lynda.com, you first have to log into USFconnect, then click on the “Learning Technologies” tab. Scroll down until you see a picture with a yellow background and a lady with a book — just click on that icon and you’re there.

It’s almost impossible to not find something interesting or relevant to learn about. You can browse through by subject, software, and author. For example, if you need to learn how to use Excel for a class, but your professor has already assumed that you knew how to use it, there’s a video for that. And if you want to take a class on screenwriting, but you can’t fit it into your schedule, there’s also a video for that. Now go learn!


Access lynda.com from the Learning Technologies tab in USFconnect

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