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Nobody likes standing in lines (unless you need an excuse to text), which is why Bon Appetit worked with One Card to create Webfoods (https://usfca.webfood.com/). And what is Webfoods, you ask? Well it’s exactly what it sounds like. Well, sorta, you don’t like eat your computer or something — that’s probably not too healthy. Rather, you order and pay for your food online and then pick it up from the station at your designated time.

Webfoods is currently active in the Market Cafe (the main cafeteria) at the salsa counter. AKA burritos. The best part about Webfoods is that you don’t have to worry about the freshness of your food, because your order pops up on the cash register computer in a sequence, which is based on the time that you want your order to be complete. So basically, if you get out of class at 12:50, and it takes you five minutes to walk to the cafeteria, you can choose your order to be finished at 12:55. This way, your food will be ready for you to pick up and rush onto your next class.

The billing is all done online, and don’t worry, it directly charges to your Flexi. And expansions are coming soon! The next ones in discussion are the deli (sandwiches) and the grill (burgers).


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