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Echo360 Personal Capture (which runs on Mac and Windows) allows faculty to record the output of their own computer. So if you’re playing a slideshow on your computer, Personal Capture records your computer screen as you flip through slides. The microphone on your computer can record your voice as you lecture, and if you have a webcam you can choose to also record your face. This program is installed on your computer, so you can create recordings in your office or your home.

Personal Capture allows you to be essentially anywhere to create recordings. These videos can be used to create lecture material to share with students in advance of classes, which means that a professor can spend valuable class time holding a class discussion or fielding questions– rather than giving a rehearsed lecture.  A professor can also create supplemental material for students, which also can save time for classroom interaction.  For example, if a professor doesn’t want to spend class time teaching their class how to create pivot tables in Excel but the class needs it for a certain project, the professor can make a Personal Capture video covering this topic. This way, whomever needs to learn this skill can view the recording without spending other students’ learning time.

And for students, it couldn’t be easier to access the teacher’s content, because the professor can easily share the weblink to the recording via email or Blackboard.

This software is only available to professors, and to get it all they have to do is take a 30-minute training session with our CIT. And other than that, it’s free! So go ahead and convince your teachers to give it a try.

Personal Capture is a supplement to Echo360, our lecture capture system installed in 12 classrooms (and soon to be 17) or read about it on our blog at: http://tinyurl.com/bt5hzof.

However, unless you are in one of those specific classrooms, you cannot record your class using the built-in AV equipment.


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