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I’m sure you’ve heard about how you have to watch everything you post on Facebook, because it can end up haunting you for the rest of your life. So rather than berating you to take down those dumb pictures of your completely wasted last weekend, let me tell you why. Why do you want to avoid posting explicit pictures? Josh Halliday, from The Guardian, says that “ researchers were able to accurately infer a Facebook user’s race, IQ, sexuality, substance use, personality or political views using only a record of the subjects and items they had “liked” on Facebook — even if users had chosen not to reveal that information.” For more information, you can read his article here:http://tinyurl.com/a45njkm.

So how do you keep yourself safe? Well for one thing, don’t post or “like” anything racy or controversial. But if you do, then make sure you hide it. To adjust anything on your Facebook page, click on the icon of a cog on the top right of your Facebook page and click “privacy settings.” Then you’re taken straight to the “privacy” page, where you can edit who can see your stuff and page. On the left of that page, if you click on “Timeline and Tagging,” to change who can post things to your timeline, who can see things on your timeline, and details on tagging.

In the left hand side column, you can also edit other details, such as blocking, security, notifications, etc. But if you don’t feel like going through all of these details, you should at the very least click on “privacy” and make sure that only your friends can see your page. It’ll take a grand total of one minute, and it could mean the difference between getting your dream job or not.

Theresa Angela and Mariezen Reyes

Theresa Angela and Mariezen Reyes in the Parina Lounge, next to CASA

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