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Who spends all day in a constant battle against your cell phone’s battery, trying to keep from having to resuscitate it? If you didn’t say me, then please let me know what kind of phone you have.

But it’s true, some phones have a better battery life than others. For example, who remembers their first cell phone? Mine was a small flip phone that I only had to charge once every three days. Shocker, right? You would think that with our updated technology, our cell phones would still have that capability. But no, we have smartphones. And what’s wrong with smartphones? Not much — they’re awesome. But the awesomeness has to feed from somewhere, and take a wild guess as to where that juice comes from?

So here are some tips to getting more awesomeness from your phone:

  1. Turn off the tracking systems (anything that uses GPS) when possible. As well as GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi.
  2. Decrease the screen brightness.
  3. Turn off whatever you’re not using. (Close the files).
  4. Decrease the length between searches for notifications. (For example, if you tell your phone to give you (email/Facebook) notifications every 10 minutes, the phone will use some battery life every 10 minutes so that it can do this.)
  5. If you’re not planning on communicating with the outside world, turn on airplane mode.
  6. Lock your screen as much as possible.
  7. If your software isn’t upgraded, do so.

And if after you do all of those, you’re still low on battery, you’re probably better off just carrying a charger around with you. Also, some cell phones have special cases that actually charge your phone. They’re a little pricy, but worth it:http://mashable.com/2012/09/24/iphone4-charging-cases/

Morganne Dodds takes a cell phone break while studying outside Gleeson Library

Morganne Dodds takes a cell phone break while studying outside Gleeson Library

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