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Quick question — does your computer have all the applications on the USF Software Standards list? If so, congratulations, you’re loaded. If not, don’t worry, you’re part of the majority. As (I hope) you know, USF has many on campus computer labs: the CIT labs in the Education building, Cowell 214/215, Gleeson ITS, the 2nd floor of Gleeson, Lone Mountain Rossi, Malloy 101/102, UC 3rd floor Parina Lounge, and the Res Hall Computer Pods (available in all residence halls but Lone Mountain). So basically, no matter which building you happen to be in, you have a computer lab available to you. All of the labs but Lone Mountain Rossi and the Parina Lounge have a student assistant available during business hours for your technical assistance. For more details on the labs, visit http://usfca.edu/its/desktop/labs/. And if these labs aren’t enough for you, keep in mind that you can still use the online computer labs, or borrow a laptop from Gleeson for a four hour period, or an iPad for a week.

Hayes-Healy Computer Lab

Helena Garcia, Vicky Chan, Matt Ryan, Nicholas Koo, and Robert Souza in the Hayes-Healy computer lab

So, what are the benefits of using a computer lab? Well, there are the obvious ones: quick access to the internet, and access to both Mac and Windows computers if you have a preference or a certain need. Also, because computers are readily available, you don’t have to lug your laptop to school and risk it being stolen or broken. As you well know, printing at home is expensive, so people tend to use the labs for printing services. Most of the lab printers are Pharos-enabled and can make copies and print in color and double-sided, and the printers are very fast, which means that they are good for big jobs. Also, Pharos lets you pick up your print job from any Pharos-enabled printer on campus. For more information on Pharos printing, browse to http://tinyurl.com/c8s8oym.

When thinking about buying a laptop, one doesn’t typically think of the accumulating price of purchasing software. Keeping your applications up to date can be expensive and may not be completely mandatory, except for special occasions. Therefore, you have the computer lab to take care of the prices for you. Also, If a faculty member wants to provide certain software to their students but don’t want them to pay, they can provide the software to someone at ITS, and it can be installed in the labs for students.

For more information

  • UC 3rd floor Parina Lounge, visit http://tinyurl.com/cem4cv8
  • Borrowing a laptop from Gleeson, visit http://tinyurl.com/ckqrg3v

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