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Did you know that even though you’re shelling out thousands of dollars for your Mac computer, it’s not necessarily virus free? *Insert shocked face Emoji.* Because there are fewer Macs than PCs on the market (http://tinyurl.com/ch3qhns), hackers and attackers used to focus on creating malicious viruses for PCs only. Now that Macs are becoming more prevalent, hackers and attackers are starting to turn their attention to creating malicious viruses for Macs.  *Insert another shocked Emoji.* And so, how do Mac and PC users protect themselves?

  1. Ensure that you have antivirus software. (You can get it for free at antivirus.usfca.edu.)
  2. Be mindful of the websites that you go to.
    1. Free (music, TV, movies, etc.) usually comes with a price, which is typically a virus (or time) so expect problems.
    2. Visit stopthinkconnect.org for more tips.
  3. Use strong passwords and don’t share your authentication info with anyone — even your loved ones. Go here for tips on password protection (http://tinyurl.com/chgt5mm). Your username and password is your identity online. So if you give it out, you are giving out your reputation.


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