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The Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRBPHS) is an extremely important board, which is meant to protect human research subjects. The IRBPHS mandates that all subjects must give their consent and that they cannot be harmed. For the past 15 years, all researchers at USF must submit an application to the IRBPHS for review. Up until last month, the process was tedious because everything was done through paper. Because of this, researchers were forced to leave a large paper trail and the process took a very long time because the papers had to be passed through the different channels.

But now, USF has purchased a portion of Axiom Mentor, which allows us to take the entire process online. This means that there is little to no paper involved. It also saves time for everyone involved in the application process and approval (the applicant, the reviewer, the advisor, and occasionally the whole board) because everything is done through USFconnect. Through a collaborative effort, ITS and Web Services changed the URL to put the Axiom Mentor link on the main USF server. This means that you only have to sign into USFconnect to get onto Axiom Mentor and view your IRBPHS application.

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