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Why are we in college? To learn, yes, but also to prepare for our future career. And without a plan, who knows where we’ll end up. This is why the career center uses Donscareers, USF’s branch of Nacelink. Nacelink is the National Association of Colleges and Employers. If you are looking for a job or an internship, in or near San Francisco, you should use it because there are over 700 jobs and internships posted for students. Employers post on this, because the jobs are aimed to students with limited experience. Donscareers is easy to use to because you automatically have an account and your username is your USF ID.

You can also use Internship Exchange, which is a closed website that USF shares with 21 other universities around the country. Internship Exchange has internships based all over the country, so if you want to expand your search to outside of California, the career center recommends that you use it. Unlike Donscareers, where you automatically have an account, for Internship Exchange, you have to create your own account. Internship Exchange can be found at www.ucanintern.com.

If you click on the My Career Plan tab at the top of the USFconnect page, you will find the page that ITS created for the career center. It is filled with all types of useful information, including what you are supposed to be currently doing to support your future career.

The Career Center strongly recommends that you create yourself a LinkedIn profile page, because social networking is becoming a very prominent way to connect with others in your field. Through LinkedIn, you can join the USF page and meet alumnae who have volunteered to mentor USF students.

Preparing for your career is the one thing that you shouldn’t procrastinate because even as a Freshman, you should be thinking about your future.

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