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You know what’s really sexy? A carpal tunnel brace. Oh yea, the wrist brace that someone with carpal tunnel has to wear starts to shred after the first few weeks of its life and even starts to smell. It just oozes attractiveness.

Carpal tunnel is basically when your wrist(s) start to hurt due to repetitive motion. Other things such as smoking, pregnancy, diabetes, arthritis, and diabetes increase your chances of carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is becoming a larger problem amongst young adults than it used to be. Our generation is all but glued to the computer screen. Our days start by going to work (where we type), and then by going to class (where we type or write out notes), and then we go home and do our homework and write out our essays (where we type or write), and at the very end of our days, we browse Facebook, chat with friends, or play computer games — all whilst watching TV — where we are repeating various hand motions. It’s kind of scary when you think about it, but we really are on a computer for most of our days; adults are no exception.

This repetitive motion causes the the median nerve in your wrists to swell up, therefore causing numbness, tingling, or pain anywhere between the tips of your fingers to your elbows. There are some ways to decrease these sensations: you can take short breaks between your typing; ice your wrist; or wear a sexy wrist brace while you sleep or during the day when you’re on your computer.

The wrist brace keeps your wrist in a neutral position, which stops the pressure on your median nerve. If the pain continues, you should probably see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis, because carpal tunnel can be mistaken for other problems.

I can’t tell you not to type, because quite frankly, I probably type more than all of you but this is how you should type, because even though we can type 100 words a minute, we’re probably still not typing correctly.

Even though you can type with your wrists in the proper position, this does not mean that you can completely evade carpal tunnel. If you type, play video games, or even text for long periods throughout the day, you are at risk. So, go spend more time talking to your friends and family in person, rather than through technological means.

And this is the sexy wrist brace.

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