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Books are great. I love books. Like really, what kind of an English major would I be if I didn’t love books? Obviously, Gleeson Library has tons of books — what kind of a library would it be if it didn’t? But did you know that you can get movies, databases for articles, and video games?!

Oh yes — you can get video games from this place that students typically avoid unless they are looking for a place to study or study material. Kind of ironic, right? But the library is good for lots of useful resources — you just need to know where to look.

The list of useful things that you can use at the Gleeson Library goes on and on — board games, two ITS labs, VCRs (those machines that play all of our old Disney movies from the early ’90s), maps, LinkPlus, ILLiad, RefWorks, eBooks, laptops (for four hours), tablets (for a week), and of course there are the multiple computer labs. The library also offers many databases for all of your research needs, which I will write about separately.

You can check out maps, board games and video games just like you would check out a book, but the loaning periods differ. Feel free to visit Gleeson’s Borrowing and Renewing website for more technical information.

The two ITS labs are located on the first floor on the northeast side and on the second floor on the north side. Other than providing another convenient location, ITS provides infrastructure, internet, and some of the computers that students, staff, and faculty use.

Printing is another useful service the library provides. GoPrint is provided by ITS, and is currently the only printing mechanism in the library, but it will be replaced with the Pharos System between January and May.

LinkPlus is a great system that has around 55 participating libraries (mostly in California). You can use LinkPlus when you want a book that you can’t find in Gleeson. All you have to do is go here http://csul.iii.com/ and find and request your book (and sometimes movie). It then shows up at the Gleeson front desk in a matter of days, just like magic — yay for more books to read!

And if the (approximately) 55 libraries don’t have your exceedingly rare book, then you can try ILLiad. ILLiad stands for inter-library lone database. Through it you can get articles and books that you couldn’t find through LinkPlus. The books ship within 1.5 and 3 weeks, whereas the articles normally come electronically (scans) in about a week.

I don’t know how many of you paid attention in your Rhetoric or English classes throughout your life, but there are countless of bibliography/citing styles. (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) and each subject requires its own style and methods, and unless you’re like Professor Holler from the USF Rhetoric Department, you’re going to have a hard time keeping them straight. For example, in MLA, you are supposed to put the period inside of the parenthesis, but in APA you put it on the outside. Fortunately, the library offers RefWorks, which basically does the citations/bibliographies for you, depending on which style you want. (Sorry Professor Holler!) You just have to go here. http://www.usfca.edu/library/refworks/ It even does the in-text citations for you and helps you organize your sources. If you write a lot of papers, this should be really exciting for you.

The library also offers you access to an ebrary — basically an e-Library. You can download ebrary on your tablet/phone and use your USFconnect login information to access the ebooks. Or, you can search the Gleeson catalogs for your specific book, and literally read it with the click of a button.

So you see, the library really can be fun.

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  1. Lisa Palella says:

    Thank you for including a few hidden gems at Gleeson Library in your blog. As a staff member, I would like to promote Live 24/7 Reference.

    Select the yellow Ask A Librarian button on the Library home page. http://www.usfca.edu/library
    Select Live 24/7 Reference to Instant Message a librarian.
    It’s That Easy!

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