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Telephones (or felley-phones as Mr. Weasely would call them) are an amazing invention. Not much beats being able to contact anyone else with a telephone, whenever you want. “But I don’t always have service!” you might be saying, and I completely agree with you — cellphones don’t always have service and it’s probably one of the most annoying “first world problem” that we have to face. Well, I’m not talking about cellphones, I’m talking about landlines. “What, those still exist?!” Yup! And you’re guaranteed service! Granted, your phone has to stay plugged into the wall, and you probably can’t use the speakerphone, so it’s not always the most convenient thing on the planet, but it’s still something you may want to utilize.

About 35 years ago, landlines were available only in residence halls’ hallways. About 10 years later landlines were installed into the actual dorm rooms. This generated money because students were charged for long-distance calls. With these phones, long-distance is considered any number outside of the 415 area code.

In the summer of 2009, these phones were removed because cellphones were becoming extremely prominent and the landlines were scarcely used. This was a way for ITS to save money, because they are charged by the number of active ports (aka the number of phones installed).

Currently, you can still have a phone installed and the port in your room activated — all you have to do is call ITS or open your own ticket at support.usfca.edu/. But before you do this, keep in mind that you can only call 415 numbers through this land-line. Calling 415 numbers, getting a phone installed, and activating the port are all free for you. So if you really want pizza at one in the morning, but your cellphone isn’t getting service, you can have your land-line as a backup (and pretend that you’re in the ’90s!)

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