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The first five minutes of your registration time slot is probably the most important five minutes of your semester. Those five minutes literally determine your course load for the next semester: you either get the classes that you want, or you don’t get them/get wait listed, which leads your next semester to look something like this:

The horror of waitlisting

Taking and paying for classes that you don’t want to take isn’t particularly enjoyable, so USF wants to do everything in its power to make registration a smooth process.

In the past, registration looks something like this:

Class Registration Day

If you were lucky and your laptop was connecting to the internet properly, you got your classes. If your laptop internet connection stalled for even half a second, then you basically got locked out of your account because the system crashed due to the large quantity of students who were all trying to sign up at the same time.

It’s important to keep in mind that to get to the registration website, you can be going through three different systems: the public website (usfca.edu), USFconnect, and Student Self-Service. That’s three different portals that have to load pictures, links, and information, which cuts into your five minutes.

But now, there’s a snazzy new button that lets you bypass all of these external websites, and lets you go directly to the registration website. This means that you can evade everyone else who is browsing through all three of those portals, and can register directly. Yay for efficiency!

To find this link, all you have to do is go to connect.usfca.edu and then click on the “To Register For Classes Click Here Now” red and purple box, which is above the login box on the left . (If you miss it, you should probably get your eyes checked). After you click on the “To Register For Classes Click Here Now” box, you get a very plain looking, white screen with a sign in box. Log in, click on “Student Registration,” “Registration,” and then “Drop and Add Classes”.

The ITS gurus strategically placed this button last year to offer convenience for users and to conserve system resources so that there are no performance issues due to high volume. Basically, they wanted to provide a way to improve the service and make sure that it is available and will work during those desperate five minutes of your registration time.

This link will be there until registration ends on November 28th, so don’t worry, be happy.

Be Happy

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