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Going to the gym can be “too boring,” or you have “too much work to do at home” — at least that’s what you tell yourself. Well too bad for you, those excuses are no longer valid. The Koret Foundation gave the Koret Center approximately one million dollars for improvements over the next three years in a three-phase operation. Phase One took place in July 2012, where the upper cardio (Level M1) floor was renovated. Phase Two will take place in July of 2013, and will revamp the weight rooms and the spin bikes. Phase Three will take place in (you guessed it) July 2014, and will be for the lower cardio floor.

During the summer (Phase One), Koret replaced 35 machines. Thirty-two of them now have Wi-Fi capabilities, virtual magazines, cable TV, and news feeds. So now, you really don’t have an excuse to evade the gym. You can enjoy yourself by reading the magazines or news feeds, or by watching TV. The Wi-Fi can serve you to do virtually anything that you do on your laptop. Writing a paper on a treadmill isn’t the most ideal thing on the planet, but you could always do your research on the treadmill, or respond to your emails. Multitasking is the best, isn’t it?

If you insist on being unproductive (unless you count watching “Parks and Recreation” as productive, in which case I want your life) the cable TV has sixteen channels for your viewing pleasure. If you would like to read up on the news through the news feeds, an interesting thing to keep in mind is that the language can be altered in the settings. This not only changes the actual language of what you are reading; but it also changes the country’s news that you are reading.

The old machines were from the ’80s and the ’90s and were in need of replacement, but unfortunately, the architecture of the building is oddly shaped, making the wiring difficult. ITS worked with facilities to identify the right vendor for Koret. ITS also worked with facilities to find an electrician to install the electrical wiring, Cat6, and data cables. They also installed conduits, which are rectangular boxes that hold the electrical wiring and data cables that ITS and Facilities installed.

The cost of Phase One was manageable because the old machines were traded back to Precor for a discount on the newer machines. Some of the machines were donated to the Athletics department at USF. Also, the machines have a troubleshooting feature. This means that Koret can spend less money on service visits.

Phase Two of the plan is to install new flooring, replace most of the weight room equipment, and to buy new spin bikes.

The final phase, Phase Three, will be for the lower cardiovascular area on the first floor (Stanyan Street level). It will be the most difficult, because it is an oddly shaped space which makes wiring very difficult. Koret will need ITS’ help in figuring out the installation.

But for now, the good news is that there are new machines for you to enjoy and more to come. And don’t forget to multitask — because let me tell you, that is the secret to getting all of your daily goals accomplished.

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