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Even though USF offers Pharos System printing, many of us have our own personal printers in our Res Hall rooms or offices. As an English major, I’m always either reading or writing, which means that my printer is always running because I usually have to print out whatever I’m reading or writing. (I’m pretty sure that I spend more money on paper and ink than on coffee!) I am also a night owl, which results in me printing out things at random times of the night. Therefore, I don’t really want to wander the halls and find a Pharos enabled printer — hence the printer in my room. Having your own printer isn’t necessarily a good or a bad thing, but there are some things that you have to know, so that you don’t get into trouble.

If you have a printer in your room or on-campus office, you (should) know that printing from it must be wired. You see, all Wi-Fi systems share the same radio spectrum, and if you set up your own wireless router, it interferes with USFwireless. This means that the people around you will have an impacted Wi-Fi connection. Basically, having a Wi-Fi router makes USFwireless unavailable to others.

Also, your router could be available to the public, so people can print their papers on your printer. I don’t know about you, but personally, I’d rather not have random people’s papers be printed in my room. I already spend enough on ink and paper as it is. My coffee fund doesn’t need to be further impacted.

So don’t set up your own wireless router, and don’t even think about trying to print wirelessly — it’s just not a possibility right now. In the future, it may be; ITS is working on it. But for now, just connect your printer cable to your laptop. It’s really not that hard.

Note: This does not apply to university-owned printers — those can be printed to through the Pharos System for Pharos-enabled printers, and USFwireless for others (Windows 7, Windows, Mac). For more information on the Pharos System, please see our blog post Pharos-enabled printer/copiers bring easier access and great new options.

If you decide to ignore my advice and set up your printer to print wirelessly, ITS will know, because it will receive many tickets from people on your floor, complaining about their impacted Wi-Fi signal. They will then find you and take your wireless router from you. They literally have an entire drawer in the ITS department, dedicated to these confiscated routers. Check out the picture just in case you still don’t believe me.

Rouge router detention

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