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Whether natural or man-created, you never know when an emergency may happen. In the unlikely event of a true emergency, USF wondered how we can best notify the largest number of faculty, staff, and students in the shortest amount of time possible. Because most people treat their phone like an additional limb, it seemed the clear choice to put into place a system that would reach out to cell phones. Thus was born  the Mass Notification service which will send an SMS text, e-mail, and phone call to your cell phone in the event of an emergency.

This form of mass communication will never be abused and is not used to send you standard USF messages like parking lot closures or campus events. This system is only employed in case of an emergency and the occasional test to make sure everything is working accordingly.

This service is optional. While it is strongly recommenced, it is a personal choice. If your cell phone is listed in your personal information, chances are you already enrolled in. However, you can always opt-out of the mass communication system. To verify that your cell phone is listed in the university’s Banner administrative suite or to opt out by removing your cell phone, click on one of the USFanswers solution links below and follow the step-by-step instructions.

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