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The team at Google has worked hard to make themselves top dog. Quite frankly, Google has become the Mecca of search engines, the Gatekeeper of online documents, and the Guru of email providers. They are proud of how they have reformatted the email experience found in DonsApps. For example, they have “labels” instead of “folders” and “conversations” instead of the traditional format of emails.

However, not all DonsApps users share the enthusiasm of the Google team. One complaint we hear often in ITS is about the style in which DonsApps threads messages together. When you currently look at an email in your DonsApps account, you view it in what is called conversation view. This means each previous e-mail within that chain has its own bubble above the most recent email that you must click on to see its content; whereas in traditional e-mail threads where you see the most recent email at the top and scroll down within the same page to see previous e-mails sent on the subject.

Personally, I am a fan of conversation view. However, I remember when I first started using DonsApps how foreign that format felt. But, there is another option! You can now disable the conversation view feature. Simply go to your “settings” near right hand corner of the screen below where you sign out. This will prompt you to your general settings where you will now see a new section titled “Conversation View.” This is in between “Browser connection” and “My picture.” Simply switch it from on to off. Then click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Conversations Settings

Now your emails will appear together but in one traditional long box with lines separating them instead of individual bubbles you have to click on to read. Google has now made the DonsApps experience even more comfortable for its users by allowing them to view emails in the traditional format if they want to. Thanks, Google!

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