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In each of our wallets or back pockets sits a plastic card with the USF logo and our own smiling face staring back at us. But this card does more than just identify us as members of the USF community: it is our access to buildings around campus; our MUNI pass if we’re a student; and our way to buy things around campus.

There are two ways to purchase things using this little card: Flexi and Don Dollars. Flexi is the meal plan for on-campus residents bought at the beginning of fall semester and lasts until the end of the spring semester. Any leftover money from the fall semester will transfer over to spring; however, be warned, you will lose any Flexi money left on your card by the end of the spring semester.Flexi allows you to buy anywhere and anything you want on campus. It is not just limited to food, but the necessary, everyday products you find in line at the cafés, too.  Simply swipe your card once and you’re all paid for!

Don Dollars is great for both students and faculty/staff. Simply add any amount up to $1,499 to your card in any of the three easy ways and receive a discount every time you buy anything on campus. Did your flexi run out? Add as many Don Dollars as you need to last you the rest of the semester (Up to $1,499 at one time). Are you a student but you don’t live on campus? You may have never purchased Flexi, but you can receive the same perks and 10% discount by just adding a few dollars to your card. Are you a faculty or staff member who eats on campus all the time? Add money to you Don Dollars account and receive a 20% discount for every meal you buy!

Don Dollars can be added at any pay station on campus, in the One Card office, or online. You can use cash, debit cards, credit cards, and checks (only accepted in the One Card office) to purchase Don Dollars. Not only do you receive a discount, but with just one swipe, you’ve already paid and on to the next part of your day. Whatever money you put on the card stays there and transfers over every semester. You can even check your current balances and monitor purchases online.

To learn more about Flexi, visit http://www.usfca.edu/onecard/flexi/ and to learn more about Don Dollars, visit http://www.usfca.edu/onecard/dondollars/. Why pay more money and spend more time in line then you need to? Switch to Don Dollars today!

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