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Every two weeks, laundry ruins at least three hours of my day. I spend precious minutes that could be used to watch “Community” or “Family Guy” sorting whites, delicates, darks, bedding, towels, etc. Then I have to march around the corner, walk up a hill and drag my clothes, often sloshing through slowly building puddles (I have the impeccable timing of doing laundry on rainy days), only to arrive at the Laundromat to discover every machine is full. Fabulous.

Well, I recently discovered that all of you lucky ResHall residents never again have to mutter obscenities under your breath when you arrive to a fully booked laundry room. Be sure to check laundryalert.com before you start your epic quest for cleanliness and you’ll save yourself a ton of effort and frustration. This online automated laundry system monitors washer and dryer usage in each laundry room on campus for your convenience.

It can be checked one of two ways. You can browse to laundryalert.com and enter the password, usf596. If the machines are full, request an e-mail alert when a specific machine is available. Also, check it out on your phone, too, at USFmobile. To check our more features in the ResHalls, click here.

Happy Laundering!

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