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ITS recently donated 280 surplus Dell computers to Global Family Elementary School in the Fruitvale district of Oakland. Global Family offers a dual immersion English and Spanish curriculum for K-5 students and is “a very successful and unique program,” according to Bruce Buckelew, Director of  Oakland Technology Exchange West. OTXWest is a charity USF works with regularly to donate a portion of our working retired computers each year.

In a letter thanking USF for the donation, Buckelew wrote, “We are planning to install 130 computers in the school this summer, beginning with a lab in two weeks. All will be Windows XP Pro and connected to the Internet.“Over the years, computers from USF [have] been installed in dozens of Oakland schools. After they have served the school, they are often refurbished again, upgraded and proved to families at home.

“Many schools are particularly happy with the projectors that you have been providing.

“OTXWest has placed over 30,000 computers in the Oakland community in the past 15 years. Thanks to organizations like USF,” Buckelew wrote.

Normally ITS donates up to 150 computers a year, but this year’s donation was larger due to the larger pool of replacements because the replacement cycle was put on hold last year for budget reasons.

If you are interested in applying for donations for a charitable organization for next year’s replacement cycle, visit the Retired Computer Donations page, review the criteria, and complete an Application for Retired USF Computing Equipment.


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