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USF is expanding to include a new building right next to Crissy Field in the Presidio. The newest addition to the USF community will be a campus comprised of three classrooms, two smaller and one larger, as well as faculty offices.

The Presidio campus will be the fifth regional campus USF oversees but the first one in San Francisco. The other four regional campuses are located in Santa Rosa, Cupertino, San Ramon, and Sacramento. All five regional campuses are a way for USF to spread out instead of having one highly concentrated, highly crowded campus in the middle of a residential area.

Construction is well under way for the Presidio Campus with plans to open during the winter intersession around the first week of January. The skeletons of the building have been built and the ITS department is excited to start running cables and installing the technology needed for functional classrooms on December 15.

There is a beautiful view from the classrooms, including the major San Francisco sights of Alcatraz, the Palace of Fine Arts, and part of the Golden Gate Bridge. The campus will be used for students in the Masters of Science in Financial Analysis program since USF hopes to appeal to the larger business community housed in the Presidio. In addition to trying to further the impact of USF within the financial world, it will also give us a different space to work in.

Like every other building in the Presidio, the space is being rented to USF from the government since it is federal land. Due to this, the outside of the building will look similar to other buildings in the Presidio since certain building restrictions must be adhered to. One of the nicest things about the Presidio location is how close it is to the main campus as compared to other regional campuses. Currently, a member of the Help Desk goes out every Wednesday to an individual regional campus to handle any ITS-related problems. However, due to the close location of the Presidio campus, ITS will be able to respond and deal with any technology related problems much faster.

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