And So It Begins, Fall 2012

I was driving away from campus today, I noticed a few other cars pulling away. An SUV pulling away with a Mom in tears. Another car with parents talking quietly, looking up at a residence hall and smiling. He waved to the building. One day down, and the enormity of the change feels both real and unreal.

I chaired a meeting for first generation college students, and was very blessed indeed to have colleagues there that were very invested in participating and telling their stories. It certainly helped that they were all first generation college students as well. I appreciate their candidness  – you would be hard pressed to find a more open panel – but I think they said all the things that needed to be said. That is, they told it like it is.

I had the opportunity to check in with students at their floor meetings, so that was fun. It was a little tiring running from place to place, but I found the students and brought cookies. It helps to make a positive impression, right? Students were both eager and unsure, and it was a little weird to drop in and do my introduction. But like I mentioned earlier, cookies helped immensely.

So here we are.  A new year, a new batch, and a new challenge. Bring it.


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