FDCSRASCA — not just a zero-calorie soda from Finland!

Students like Mitchell Santander stood and delivered, first in McLaren, and later into the evening in Harney. (Photo credit: Shawn Calhoun, Gleeson Library.)

For nearly 10 straight hours, main campus was beset by a buzz of enthusiastic students describing their work to one another, to professors from other programs, and even to a lost tour group of recovering hippies searching for the house where Jefferson Airplane lived. This was the (… clears throat …) “First Day of Celebration of Students’ Research and Artistic and Scholarly Creative Activity,” or FDCSRASCA (bless you!) for short.

Budding psychologists, artists, economists, mathematicians, chemists, and you-name-it, put up their creative work and their faculty-led research projects in poster format. Think less “science fair,” and more “academic conference.”

Ready for more after the day-long general session, about 100 science students joined an evening event to bring all science disciplines together (for the first time, as far as I’m aware), in the Harney Science Center.

Poster-fulls of boldface credit go to professors Megan Bolitho (Chemistry), EJ Jung (Computer Science), and Chris Thompson (Exercise and Sport Science).

Check back here, as I’ll try to get the digital booklet of student work and put the file here. For now, enjoy Shawn Calhoun’s flickr site for the event and browse his great photo-documentation of daily USF in general. (And note the open-access creative commons licensing to boot.)

2 thoughts on “FDCSRASCA — not just a zero-calorie soda from Finland!

  1. Thanks, Associate Dean Brooks! Yes, many thanks to Dr. Cassar and to Brigid Torres for a heap of work on the daytime event.

  2. Credit also to Alessandra Cassar for organizing the daytime event, and to Brigid Torres for handling the logistics!

    Definitely a great event – I’m already excited for next year!

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