Behind the green construction fence

A warm hello from the USF campus.  Having finished grading exams, I’m hoping to update the project blog more frequently for you over the summer.  Commencement exercises concluded Saturday evening, and today, the CSI construction perimeter is taking shape around Harney plaza.

But May has seen a lot of prep work already, even during the last weeks of classes and the final exam period.  From the Golden Gate Avenue side of campus, you can see a pleasant green wooden wall behind the trees between Harney Science Center and the Memorial Gymnasium.

Capturing What Nature Provides

Here’s a May 16 construction photo of what’s happening behind that fence.

The construction staging area for the foreseeable future. Back of the perimeter fence can be seen along the top of the photo.

Near the University Center, the crew has been digging a pit for an enormous rainwater cistern.  The new Center captures rainwater for efficient re-use.  That’s one of many aspects that is pushing the project steadily toward, we hope, a LEED Gold rating for sustainable design and energy efficiency.

Demolition Preview: Guard Shack Pile

Generations of new students, visitors and employees remember the guard shack next to Memorial Gymnasium.  As of early May, this was removed as part of site preparation (primarily to facilitate truck traffic and pedestrian visibility/safety.)  The early May photo below captures the moment right before the shack remnants were removed completely.  (Visitors note:  a temporary guard shack now sits between Memorial Gym and the Hayes Healy Building, just a bit to the east.)

Admit that you once dreamt of this image after getting a campus parking ticket.

The “one way” sign is accurate, as the summer will see a steady stream of material taken away from main campus, as the excavation of Harney plaza gets going.

2 thoughts on “Behind the green construction fence

  1. I love seeing before and after pictures of construction sites : the demolished old building and the newly constructed one!

  2. I remember when you could drive on Campus! I remember taking a cab to class and they would drop me off in front of Cowell. That disappeared in 1994 and now the guard hut. Can’t stand in the way of progress. Campion used to have lockers too. I feel old!

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